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Bath yoga
A cowboy, grills a rattlesnake, at night, because he's hungry
The seller in the store pins price tags to fake hearts in the day of Saint Valentine and the customer looks at the vasa
Fluffy raccoon says peace for everyone
Woman doing pedicure in Paris
Girlfriends who are having breakfast in Paris
Dancing girl with letter
City life - girl on a bike and walking dog
Jelly fish
Boring- A man with a super long beard walking on a gray backgrund
Could be Love - Boy and a girl sit in front each other, the window reflect what could be the start of a new love
Do you use logic or instinct- A goat going out from a maze using the instinct
War is closer than  you think- Man  watching war news in  television while the war is happening behind the window
At the edge of Universe- Astronaut in the cosmic space opening a door, exploring the universe
Painter in the studio painting an egg on the canvas
Client and illustrator working over the same desk
FC Barcelona football team playing
Picnic hands
Woman sitting in coffee place with cats